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Soundproofing is a growing request for drywall installation professionals looking for room soundproofing. Soundproof drywall is basically regular sheetrock that has been factory “dampened” or treated to block the travel of sound waves. Soundproof drywall is regular sheetrock which has been combined with several substances including fiberglass or paper and mixed with water. This mixture is then put between two sheets of drywall paper or wrapped in fiberglass. The end result is a product which is perfect for room soundproofing.

Soundproof drywall is known as soundproof sheetrock, sound-engineered sheetrock or sound-engineered drywall. Soundproof drywall works by absorbing sound wave vibrations before they have a chance to pass through the other side (thus becoming audible!). Soundproof drywall can be used during construction or in remodeling. When used in new construction, soundproof drywall can be used in place of regular drywall, ceilings and floors.

Soundproof drywall is frequently used in the construction of commercial buildings; taking the place of regular drywall installation. However, soundproof drywall can also be applied directly on top of existing drywall, using a soundproofing adhesive that also aids in sound absorption for optimal room soundproofing.

Acoustical wall installation also requires proper sealing to avoid the likelihood of sound transmitting through wall penetrations or other paths. It should be noted also, that a building’s structure can also spread air and structure related sound, which can easily hamper the effects of soundproof drywall.

The soundproof star, QuietRock 525 weighs about the same as traditional drywall and provides superior soundproof at a lower total lower cost when compared to regular drywall. With STC values of up to an impressive 72, it provides acoustic alleviation equivalent to eight layers of regular drywall. The CPG composite technology uses sophisticated viscoelastic polymers, ceramics and gypsum in a constrained 3-layer fabrication – the ultimate for room soundproofing.

Tom’s Drywall, Inc can soundproof your home or commercial structure upon request. Our team of skilled soundproof drywall technicians can formulate a room soundproofing proposal to fit your every need, regardless of size or project complexity. Should you require any form of room soundproofing, contact Tom’s Drywall, Inc today for a free no-obligation in-home consultation today.

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