Residential – Paperless Drywall



Paperless drywall is a relative newcomer to the residential drywall and commercial drywall scene. Paperless drywall is basically exactly as it sounds. It still consists of a regular gypsum core, but instead of being wrapped in the standard sheetrock paper; it is wrapped in fiberglass. This fiberglass ‘shell’ is a winning combination when it comes to mold AND overall performance.

Paperless drywall was developed to help deter the spread of mold. It should be noted at the outset however that paperless drywall is mold RESISTANT and NOT mold PROOF. Unfortunately no product can be labeled as mold PROOF due to the simple fact that that mold can manifest itself on everything and anything given the right conditions. That said, paperless drywall is definitely a great asset in the RIGHT HANDS.

What do we mean by the “right hands”? – Well, paperless drywall is definitely NOT for the lesser experienced drywall “pro”. The reason being primarily because it is a lot harder to hide any imperfections when working with a fiberglass product. It is recommended to apply a skim coat or level 5 finish to paperless drywall in order to disguise the generally rougher fiberglass finish. Any compound used in paperless drywall should be expected to dry slower as fiberglass is less absorbent than paper covered drywall, which helps to absorb moisture in a compound and thus promoting faster drying.

Due to its similarity, paperless drywall can be used anywhere where regular drywall can be installed. However, as you would expect, paperless drywall lends itself very well to bathrooms, kitchens, basements and any other areas with a high moisture content or a high possibility for water intrusion. It is also favorable in high traffic areas as it has a greater surface strength, offering much more resilience to damage.

At Tom’s Drywall, an nj drywall installer, we can install paperless drywall wherever plans call for it or wherever requested by our clients. As we are unrivalled with our level 5 finish drywall application, working with paperless drywall is a “walk in the park” for our skilled technicians.

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