Residential – Drywall Repair



Drywall repair is a common request and accounts for a significant portion of our business at Tom’s Drywall. As drywall repair is generally performed on a much smaller scale than our commercial drywall or even our residential drywall operations; we operate a separate division dedicated ONLY to drywall repair.

Our drywall repair services are generally priced by the hour as opposed to the square footage pricing matrix employed in our regular drywall installation services. The size of the drywall repair ‘patch’ will be taken into consideration, in addition to the size of the wall that the drywall repair patch is located. The correct way to perform a drywall repair is to “re-skim” the entire wall where the drywall repair patch is located in order to completely eliminate any noticeable ‘join’. For this reason, we also need to price this requirement when estimating any drywall repair work.   If you have drywall repair needs and are looking for a knowledgeable drywall repair specialist, contact Tom’s Drywall today. We usually require a simple photo of the affected area requiring drywall repair and in most case (not all however), we are able to perform a drywall repair estimate via phone/email.

Tom’s Drywall, Inc are industry leaders for quality residential drywall and commercial drywall installation, and we take our drywall repair equally as seriously. Our average turnaround time from initial contact to drywall repair completion has been known to be in as little as 24 hours. Call today and let us know how we can help you.

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