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Drywall mudding is basically the term used for applying joint compound. Joint compound is made by a multitude of manufacturers but there are really only two basic ‘types’ to be concerned with; – drying type compounds and setting type compounds. At Tom’s Drywall, we use a combination of the two.

‘Drying type compounds’ include taping compound (used for taping and the second coat as it experiences less shrinkage in drying and resists cracking), topping compound (used for the final coat(s) as it dries quickly and is easy to sand), and all purpose compound which as the name states can be used for all phases. All purpose compound is without doubt the most commonly used for drywall mudding, but it doesn’t have the overall strength and stability associated with the combination application of taping and topping compounds.   ‘Setting type compounds’ which rely on a chemical reaction for setting and drying times range from 20 minutes to a few hours, depending on type. The most common setting type compound is that of quick-set or “hot mud”. Typically this sets very hard and is a lot harder to sand. It does experience less shrinkage and cracking however, which along with the rapid curing times make it a firm favorite for professional drywall mudding.   At Tom’s Drywall, a nj drywall company, we use only the highest quality compounds for our drywall mudding. For our taping compound we use Westpac Blue Dot Taping Compound. For our topping compound we use Westpac Black Dot Topping Compound, and for our “hot mud” needs we use Westpac Fast Set Setting-Type Compound. We believe that these quality products are the best fit for our first rate drywall mudding applications.

When drywall mudding, it is important to pay particular attention to the mix. Care should be taken not to mix too much air into the mud as this can cause air bubbles. Mixing slowly without too much water can also help to avoid air bubbles. In addition, a layer of water over the compound will keep the mix fresh.   Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you require more information on drywall mudding or any other phase in our unbeatable standard drywall service.

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